AMERSEC®'s Shoplifting Prevention Systems

administrator@remiro Interior & Retail Design

The anti shoplifting devices (Electronic Article Surveillance) are beneficial in the daily protection of our stores. Thanks to the labeling of the merchandise, the EAS systems prevent every attempt of shoplifting in the stores or theft of personal objects in the workplaces.

A removable label is applied to every ware intended to be protected. When the labeled item leaves the safe zone, the security system triggers an alarm. When the item is regularly bought (or removed from the safe zone), the label gets deactivated or completely removed.

It may seem like a huge expense, but most of the retailers discover that these systems prevent money loss equal to their cost in a very brief timespan. Some stores pointed out that they took only 3 months to earn back the money they spent on this security system.

As for the adhesive label, you don’t have to worry about ruining your ware. The big firms are already using this kind of countermeasures to protect even the most delicate pieces of clothing (like swimwear or leather clothes).

Also, the EAS systems can be installed at the personnel exits, to prevent internal thefts.

And the advantages of buying an EAS system don’t end.

The built-in visitor counter will let you use your surveillance system like an analytics software. You will be able to verify the number of your visitors in a specific hour of the day and to balance your marketing plans accordingly.

The visitor counter are a integrated in the EAS systems or they can be installed later on for a reasonable price.

The EAS systems benefit from a vast range of software solutions to let you check the recorded data. The StoreMonitor server, in addition to the analytics systems, can show the number of alarms, the system status and lets you set up the opening hours for energy saving. StoreMonitor lets you compare the data from multiple stores and sends accurate reports via email or FTP. The informations will be easily accessible through the visual communication of diagrams and schemes.

You can find AMERSEC® surveillance systems in our store.