70% of companies are struck by shoplifting

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Italy. The shoplifting episodes are growing in number, especially in the South area. Also the ability of the shopkeepers to fight this problem is getting worse.


This 25th November, at the Confcommercio National mobilitization day “Legality, I like it”, a focus on the matter revealed some worrying statistics. 30% of the shopkeepers state that the theft episodes are growing (+2,4% since 2014), particularly in the Center (+3,8%) and South (+4,1%) areas; only the 38,9% of the retailers state that they could prevent the shoplifting cases sometimes by catching the thieves red-handed (-18,1% in comparison with the 2014 stats); the 48,3% of the shops adopted anti-theft systems and spent around 2/3% of their revenue in security measures.


The statistics identify the major culprits in women (54,5%), between 35 and 54 years old (56%). Also the percentage of italian shoplifters has grown by 16%. These episodes are common in shopping malls (84,6%), in organized distribution (75,2%) and in the metropolitan area shops (69%).


Among the 48,3% of companies that spent on security measures, the 55,3% adopted video-surveillance systems. The 21,1% invested in specific courses for the staff and the the 11,8% hired unarmed security personnel (armed in the 6,6% of cases). Three out of five companies invested in anti shop-lifting equipment. The investment in anti-theft solutions is very important to protect our commercial activities. That’s why Remiro offers security solutions for your shops. Contact us to schedule an appointment without any obligation and finally say goodbye to thieves.