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The importance of merchandise layout

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The main purpose of the layout is synthesize the range of goods and then give an overview of the available products. Having often to keep into consideration the needs of the areas in which you have to adapt, designing a suitable layout for your store is not only reduced to an effective visual presentation of the products but has its most important function in allowing the greatest number of customers to get in touch with the greatest possible number of products.

But it is not limited to meet the needs of customers… a well-designed layout must also comply to the needs of the salespeople facilitating procurements, inventory controls and consequent reorganization and, in general, all promotional activities.

One can therefore say that, in general, the function of the layout is to improve the commercial activities both from the customers’ point of view, facilitating them in the buying process, and from the seller’s point of view, helping him in the products promotion.

But the more and more important aspect, even in the layout, is the psychological aspect of customers involvement. The function becomes not only a physical and visual presentation but also psychological and emotional, and not only about products but about the store in general.

The first area, immediately entering the store, must be welcoming and put the consumer at ease. As already said, the perception is crucial to have the customer continue in purchases and this can only be achieved with a balanced visual communication to stop the emotional tension that everybody perceives entering a new environment.

Considering such factors can therefore make the difference between a well or poorly designed store. As an example, from the above, it is evident that the first area after entering a store is not suited to immediate products exposure as, at that particular time, customers are not yet ready to consider purchasing.

The advice we can give is therefore not to only consider available spaces but primarily to assign the right function to a given space. In this way only you’ll be able to develop the right relationship between the customers, the products and the space around them … this relationship is critical to any sales activity!

credits: aimse