Interior & Retail design

A new discipline: the retail design.

Retail design is aimed at the design of commercial spaces that not only meet the needs of a physical space but are especially able to engage the consumer.

For this reason, we give great importance to the creation of new forms of relationship that can be created between the consumer and your product.

Retail design should not only satisfy consumers’ tastes which are changing and purely subjective, but must redefine commercial space so that your customer is enticed to purchase through the creation of new relationships that are created between product and consumer.

Many years of experience in store design led us understand that a good architect or a good interior designer are not enough… that’s why our team consists of several professionals, each of them specialized in a specific sector.

The synergy of the various figures has, anyway, a single goal: create a commercial space that is able to satisfy the customer during the purchase.

All our design work is based on marketing studies aimed to understand the behavior of the consumers.

Tastes and preferences of consumers are, indeed, constantly changing: lights positioning, colors perception and olfactory sensations have a great impact on your customers and are aspects that require a careful and precise planning.

Interior design is just that, in our views: create the easiest path to lead customers to your product.