Marketing Polisensoriale

Polysensorial purchases

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Nowadays when we purchase products, even if unconsciously, we regularly use all our five senses to perceive if a product is to our liking: this means polysensoriality. External stimuli such as light effects, special sounds but also smells play an increasingly important role in the purchase. Being able to stimulate, intelligently, the 5 senses of our customer, may therefore constitute a successful sale or not.

It’s hard to give guidelines but certainly the study of stores’ external environment can help. If we are in a normally busy road it is essential, for example, that in our shop there won’t be noise or extremely high or unpleasant music for the customer. In a very similar way, too strong light or too bright colors can disturb and not encourage the consumer to enter our store.

Data from researches reveal essentially what perhaps we already knew: the same product can arouse more or less interest depending on the surroundings. In conclusion, a comfortable shop can only increase the chances of sale compared to another where the consumer is not at ease.

First impression is what counts: normally we need around ten seconds, once in a shop, to feel if we want to stay there or prefer to go out. Obviously, given the very short time, the reason for our choice can not be granted to the product itself, but bettor to the environment in which the product is introduced and rendered.

It becomes essential to succeed, in this short period of time, using all 5 senses, to grab attention, arouse interest and curiosity. And of course, this is only the beginning: once we have persuaded the consumer to enter, we must also be able to keep him in our store. Again it comes to polysensoriality which allows to use the environment to give confidence not only to the customer to finalize the purchase, but also, once exited, to have a good memory of our store and of the overall experience.

The awareness of this new way of perceiving the shopping experience can definitely help in sales … What do you think about? Do you use any special shrewdness in your store to achieve this?

credits: aimse