Mannequins: not just simple product display.

The most common error is to think mannequins just have a simple product display function.
It is true: this is their primary purpose, but you should not underestimate their ability to project your brand and your corporate image outside the shop window.

The process that leads the customer to purchase starts from the windows. Catching the attention of the passer-by is the first step in creating interest around your shop. For this reason mannequins play an important role: they themselves embody the figure of the seller.

Nowadays there are mannequins of all kinds, realistic, abstract, stylized, headless, silhouette… Finding your way in a so wide offer might not be so simple and for this reason there is the need of someone with the experience which might find the right solution not only to present your product, but also to make your brand shine through.

Looking at the mannequin, the client understands who you are, understands what you do and especially how you do it. Finding the most suitable solution to represent you means to evoke in the client the same principles upon which your products are based.

Obviously, this has to be inserted in a extended study which takes into consideration of how to place the lights in order to enhance the mannequin and therefore the product, of the difference between a mannequins placed in the window and another one placed within the store, of the overall interior design and many other aspects that only a company with transversal competence might be able to consider.