Sensitive Space System

Sensitive Space System: a new shop concept.

The Sensitive Space System is a new concept store that aims to transform the purchase into a multisensory and interactive experience.

This way your customer has the chance to live a different story every time and see, at each visit, your product under different perspectives.

Use of the latest technologies thus allows, through the sensory stimulation of your customer, to get even more spectacular effects.

Not only sight and touch are then involved, but also smell and hearing, in order to let the customer perceive a new way of shopping experience and relationship with your products.

Using animated videos, essence diffuser, lights capable of producing preset colors and detailed selection of sounds or music: the aim is to produce changes to the shopping environment from time to time, following a specific sensory stimulation.

Thanks to the chance for the shopkeeper to control the individual stimulations to produce, the store can adapt to the type of customers present in a particular circumstance.

The Sensitive Space System is based on the knowledge that there is always a relationship between the sales environment and customers behaviors.

Our approach, starting from the study of this relationship, might offer you the most suitable technologies to turn your shop into a new space where to live an experience, not only to shop.