Training and Consultancy

In a continuosly and rapidly evolving market, keeping up to date with new tendencies and communication and sale channels becomes strategic.

The success of a good sell out does not stop to product presentation or how the store has been studied and dressed to welcome the customer… the human relationship which might establish between the sales staff and the clients becomes increasingly important.

Exploiting the psychological and emotional lever of the buyer not only contributes to the sale, but takes, over time, to customer loyalty. The seller that conveys positivity, that is able to anticipate requests from people, which shows competence and deep knowledge of the product provides the basis for establishing the kind of relationship that in the emotional marketing age seems being more and more like a friendship.

Remiro may help in your store’s staff training, including also partnerships with academics and may give you the advice of professionals in the field of marketing and management.

We may assist you side by side, in Italy and abroad, for the period to be mutually agreed and which is not connected to your store dimensions: we are used indeed to work for both big chains and small independent retailers.