Visual & Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising according to Remiro

Visual Merchandising purpose is to increase the profitability of windows displays. Remiro always pays attention choosing the format to ensure every detail meets the mood of your brand.

This way Visual Merchandising is not anymore seen as a simple exposure of your goods, but as a new marketing language which gives room to our creativity and experience.

Visual Merchandising is visual communication even outside your store:

  • location of your point of sale.
  • analysis of outdoor signage.
  • examination of facade, entrance and windows.

Inside the store we develop a layout that allows you to organize in a rational way the range of goods, assigning spaces and functions that are always defined starting from the sales targets.

We increase the eye contact of the consumer with your offers using correctly the different types of layouts and displays.

With the aesthetically study we make your shop unique and help bringing out your brand, never forgetting how important the process of “reading” the products by the consumers is.

Visual Merchandising aims to retain your customer:

  • we identify the correct path that helps the consumer navigating within your store.
  • we group the products for easier identification by the customer.
  • we set up spaces to make the shopping experience even more enjoyable.

We strongly believe in after-sales process importance. Customer loyalty does not stop with the purchase but it is a path that, focusing on the entire consumer experience, must continue even outside of your shop.

For this reason we might offer training and consultancy that will help you understand the usual behavior of the consumer, in order to make the buying experience unique and to increase the chances of loyalty to your store.